My name is Alena Svobodová, I was born in Brno and I still live near Brno. I have enjoyed painting and art since I was a little girl. My first role model was my grandfather, who was an amateur and self-taught painter and I loved to watch him paint pictures. This also led me to oil painting.

          I was captivated by the realism, which is certainly related to my profession as a dental technician, where the emphasis is on very detailed work. I use the technique of layering coloured glazes on top of each other and it takes me about 50 hours to paint one painting. For my oil painting I use a solid ground, less often canvas and I have also developed a liking for the watercolour technique.            

          I choose subjects that appeal to me because of their atmosphere. I often collect them on my travels in England, Scotland, France and Italy. I paint for my own pleasure, but also for people who like my paintings. I try to put the positive energy that I feel when I create them into my paintings. I like to listen to music and audiobooks while painting. I always enjoy getting feedback from people who enjoy my paintings.

          My paintings are in private collections in, for example, England, Scotland, Austria, Germany and Syria.